Using our videos on your website

Using our videos on your own website:

Teachers and dancers,

You’re more than welcome to embed any of our videos on your own website. It’s free and it’s easy!

On a computer, go to the YouTube video that you want to embed.
Under the video, click “Share”.
Click Embed.
From the box that appears, copy the HTML code.
Paste the code into your blog or website HTML.

Note: If you want to start at a particular point in the video, go to that point (time) before doing the Share > Embed, then check the box that says, “Start at ___”.

By the way, if you’re embedding a youtube video, or pasting a link to a youtube video, you never have to worry about copyrights. Youtube takes care of all that for you (us). It detects the copyrighted music in our videos automatically and gives the copyright holder the option to: do nothing, monetize (insert ads), or block. Most copyright holders choose to monetize, so you may see an ad play before the video. On our videos, this is always either the copyright holder or youtube inserting the ad. We never monetize our videos.

If you’re still worried (you shouldn’t be), or you want to avoid having youtube insert ads, we’d be happy to send you our “Nutshell” video (“Cued/Choreographed Ballroom Dance (Round Dance) in 30 Seconds or Less”) so you can post it directly (email us at This video contains no copyrighted music. The only clip not of our own creation we have obtained rights to use. So, there are no copyright issues.

However you choose to do it, we think the Nutshell video is always the best one to post. Well, more than we think, we know. You see, the issue with online videos is that people don’t watch them all the way through. As pleasantly slow as the “What Is” video is to watch, only about 20% of viewers watch the whole thing. That’s why the Nutshell video is so fast-paced. That’s why it has the little counter running, the rapid voiceover, and frequent changes of the background video – to keep people watching. And it works. About 2/3 of viewers watch that video all the way to the end. What would you rather have – 20% get the message or 66% get the message? We think the answer is obvious. Use the Nutshell video!

So, why not jazz up your website with a dance video or two? We’re here to help!