Cuer/Teacher Resources

We provide a number of resources for teachers and cuers:

Head Cues Repository – We’d love to be able to just provide a library of DM/DW modules, but copyright issues prohibit that. But we do have Head Cues (Cue Cards) donated by generous cuers. This can save you a lot of typing, AND make it quick and easy to set up a timed dance in Dance Master or Dance Wizard. Contact us at if you’d like to contribute your head cues! No format requirements or guidelines, send ’em just as they are!

Metronomes. These can be useful while “walking” new figures. A metronome gives the couple a common timing reference, making it easier to coordinate complex movements. They can easily be slowed down or sped up in Dance Master or Dance Wizard.
4/4 time at 120 bpm
3/4 time at 96 bpm
4/4 time with 6 beat “Start of Figure” markers for Jive, WCS
Just 6 beat “Start of Figure” markers for Jive, WCS
Slow-Quick-Quick for Bolero at 80bpm

Using Audacity. Audacity is one of your most valuable tools. Learn to use it more effectively!
Recording Cues in Audacity – A simple way to record cues in Audacity.
Editing Cues in Audacity – How to edit cues created as shown in the video above.
Converting separate voice and music files into a single split-channel mp3 file – Specially created for people who record (or used to record) their cues in a separate file from the music and would like to create a single, split-channel mp3 file. Also shows how to record ANYTHING coming out of your computer’s speakers to an mp3 file.

Reflections of a Newly-minted Cuer. Paul shares what he learned on his recent journey to learn how to cue.

Custom Badges for Your Students. We set up a Zazzle store with various designs to help spread the word about this wonderful activity. You can (among other things) put these designs on badges for your students (click on the image to go to the Zazzle page). It’s a great way to build a sense of community for your class.

There’s also a collection of designs just for cuers in our Zazzle store. Just wearing one invites questions, which gives you a chance to explain our activity!