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“The Bicycle Waltz” is a series of novels set in the Choreographed Ballroom World.  So far, there are three books in the series:

  The Bicycle Waltz – A famous teaching couple, a new student, and the love triangle that results.


At’s Amore – Love is a dance.  Sometimes we dance together, sometimes apart, but always connected.  The music changes, the steps change, we change.  For dance instructor Shelly and her student Alan, the dance of love is literal as well as figurative.   Their dance flows smoothly until her past, and his future, break them apart.


All the Way Home – After three years of careful adjustment to one another, Alan and Shelly are finally dancing in sync. Perhaps it’s time to change the choreography of their lives. But when you take charge of your own choreography, it can take you to some unexpected places.