See It

Perhaps the best way to understand what we do is to see it.  This playlist was built for those new to Cued/Choreographed Ballroom Dance to give them a taste of what we do.

Before you start, maybe take a moment to locate the stereo “balance” control on your device (or read our primer here).  We know that the cues can be distracting to outsiders, so maybe just turn the cues down (they’re in the right channel).  That’s kind of what it feels like to us when we’re dancing – we listen to the music, while the cues go “in one ear and out… the feet”.

Have fun!  And, remember, the green dances are ones YOU could be doing after just 8-12 weeks of (fun) lessons.  Here’s the color code:

Green : Beginner – based on the first set of figures (usually 8-12 weeks)
Blue    : Second-level – based on the second “phase” of figures for that rhythm.  Usually second year dances, as most people spend the first year going “broad” (learning several rhythms) before going “deep” in any one rhythm.
Tan    : Harder second-level, Easy third-level
Orange/Red  :  Fun stuff done at the higher levels.

Click below to access the playlist:

One of the unique aspects of Cued/Choreographed Ballroom Dance is its synchronized nature.  This channel has videos of our activity done by a group.  Note the circular arrangement of the dance couples – hence the nickname “round dancing”.