For Teachers

You are at the heart of this wonderful activity. Thank you for all you do. DanceDemos can help you in several ways:

  • Supplement your teaching with videos of the dances your students are working on. Just watching the video, even once, during the week will help with retention and reduce the amount of re-teaching you have to do each week.
  • Inspire your students! Encourage them to explore. See the various rhythms. See upcoming dances and figures. See all that this wonderful activity has to offer. Make them see that they’re part of something bigger than just your weekly classes.
  • Help your students spread the word. With a wide variety of dance styles, there’s something for everybody. Encourage your students to find dances their friends will like, then send them by email or post them to social media.

In addition, the public nature of the DanceDemos channel can help to combat our activity’s number one obstacle – obscurity. The more you and your students watch the videos, the higher the videos will go in Youtube’s search rankings, and the more non-dancers will see them. Even if they don’t sign up for a class right away, the activity will no longer seem strange to them. Then, perhaps someday they’ll see a flyer or an ad for a class, and think, “Oh yeah, I know what that is.”

Want to embed one of our videos on your own website? We’re happy to help. See instructions here.

Spread the word!

Want to help spread the word about the DanceDemos channel? Email the link (, share dances on social media, or, if you’re a flyer kind of person, try this:

And, please remember to subscribe to the channel on Youtube. It costs you nothing and sends you no emails. It’s more like a “Favorites” or a “Like” for the entire channel. No one knows for sure, but it is widely believed that channels with more subscribers are ranked higher by Youtube’s (and Google’s) search engine. So, more subscribers means more visibility for our activity!

Help us tear down that wall of obscurity holding our activity back – subscribe to (and use) the DanceDemos channel!