About Us

The DanceDemos Video Library is the brainchild of Paul and Jean Zimmer, enthusiastic dancers (and authors, and Zazzle designers) from Roseville, Ca, near Sacramento.

Impressed by the wealth of demonstration videos available at the higher levels, and disappointed by what is available at the lower levels, we decided to start this library of demo dances for those in the early years of their Cued Ballroom Dance* adventure.

We pulled together a team of top-notch demo dancers and cuers, built a list of popular dances, and set to work.  Particular attention was paid to sound quality, as many existing publicly available videos are impossible to practice with due to poor audio.  We have dubbed in the original cued music to ensure clarity.  When possible, we have used stereo music+cues so that the balance can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

We have also put the library on youtube so that the videos are easy to find, and easy to use.

We hope these videos will help make learning to dance much easier – and much more fun!

* We prefer the name Cued Ballroom Dance.  The original name, Round Dance, requires too much explanation. People are in a hurry, and they need a term that’s immediately descriptive. Choreographed Ballroom is better, but it sounds a little too formal, too intimidating, for something so inherently easy to learn. Besides, “choreographed” requires way too much typing! Cued Ballroom is short, descriptive, and sounds like what it is – fun.