Explain It

Hi!  Welcome to the wonderful world of Choreographed/Cued Ballroom Dance.

Curious what it is?  Here’s Cued Ballroom in a nutshell:

If you’ve got time and prefer a more leisurely explanation, try this instead:

Or, if videos aren’t your thing, read on…

Choreographed (or Cued) Ballroom Dance is ballroom dancing, but with a twist.  The dances are pre-choreographed and a “cuer” announces the steps as the dance proceeds.  Freed from memorized sequences and the complexities of leading and following, the dancers can focus on the steps and the rhythm (“the beat and the feet”), making this a killer way to learn how to dance. (Think cuing is “no big deal”?  Read this).

Cuing is the ultimate dance hack!

But it’s not just for beginners.  Sure, these are all standard ballroom steps, so you can use them freestyle, but once you’ve had a taste of professional choreography, you’ll never want to go back to doing the same old boring figures, over and over, ever again.

The dance figures  in Choreographed Ballroom are grouped into “phases”, and once you learn a particular phase, you’ll have access to thousands of pre-choreographed dances written for that phase.

These phases goes on and on, through many levels, right to the top of the Ballroom dancing pyramid.  You can stay with us, dance to cues, enjoy professional choreography, and be confident you’ll have plenty of options if you ever want to dance freestyle.

For couples, Choreographed Ballroom has another big plus.  With less need to master the intricacies of leading and following, there’s no pressure to swap partners!  You can dance with your honey – all night long!

And Choreographed Ballroom has a relaxed, fun atmosphere.  There are no performances, no competitions, and no trophy cases.  Just people dancing for fun.  It’s light-hearted.  It’s relaxed, it’s playful.  The way dancing should be.

Interested?  Poke around on the youtube channel for a sense of what we do.  Or take the visitor tour.  And don’t let those big numbers next to the “Phase” scare you – most of the dances on the channel are beginner dances – the ones titled in green.  The ones titled in blue are second-level (usually second-year) dances.  Those in tan are trickier second- or easy third-level dances.  The ones in orange or red are for more experienced dancers.  They’re included to give you an idea of just how much fun you can have with professional choreography!