Study It

Want to study Choreographed/Cued Ballroom Dance from the comfort of your couch?  We’ve got you covered!

In addition to the youtube channel, verified students can gain access to a private web server where these videos are stored in a downloadable form (ask your Roundalab-registered instructor).  Each dance is offered in both mp4 and wmv formats, along with stereo mp3 audio of the music and cues, plus the dance’s cuesheet.

In addition, each dance has a “.rdm” file.  This file can be read by a program called, “Round Dance DJ” (  RDDJ allows users to speed up, slow down, single step, and zoom video.  It also allows them to place bookmarks in the video and/or audio so that they can go to a new or tricky sequence quickly and easily.  It’s a great study and practice aid!

Note that the people who created and maintain this website and the DanceDemos channel have NO financial interest in RDDJ.  We just think it’s a wonderful tool.

At this time, RDDJ is windows-only.  Mac users will have to use an emulator or virtual machine.

To use an rdm file:

  1. Download and install RDDJ from  Note that you have to create a login in order to perform the download.  The program is free to use for 90 days.  See the website for details.
  2. Download the .rdm file.
  3. In RDDJ, click on the “Import/Export” tab.
  4. Now click on “Import a Dance” under “Dance Modules”.  This will bring up File Explorer.  Select the .rdm file you downloaded in step 2.
  5. Now go over to the “Select” tab.  Your new dance should be there.  Click on it, and you’ll be taken to the “Details” page.  You can see choreographer, phase, etc.  Click on either the audio or video (blue or yellow are), then hit “play” to be taken to the “Play” tab.  Hit “play” again and off you go!